Company Manifesto

Inspired by culture and movement

Clemence Ellery believes in the shift and dynamics between traditionalism and modernity, innovation and timelessness. The philosophy of time and space is the essence of our brand.

Creating jewelries that are unique yet classic with precision and quality that gives “timeless joy’ to each individual who wears it is the heart and soul of Clemence Ellery.

Fine Jewelry Collection


Our Craftmanship

"Quality is the soul of our craftsmanship. Following a thorough process, we value design and details in every piece of our jewelry"

Our Values


Our classic and unique designs are constructed in the finest materials: 18KT gold/platinum, finest diamonds sourced from the heart of Belgium, and vibrant semi-precious stones.


We are 100% committed to creating fine and high jewelry focused on quality and craftsmanship. We work closely with highly skilled artisans in our Hong Kong based workshop.


We propose diamonds exclusively certified by the GIA, the unbiased grading authority for the diamond trade worldwide. Other laboratories overestimate the grading of stones, giving you a false sense of quality and value.

Our Story

Welcome to Clemence Ellery: Fine jewelry that embraces both the old and the new, innovation and timelessness. Inspired by culture and movement Clemence Ellery’s philosophy is understanding the concept of time and space,

Started in 2017, Clemence Ellery is designed and handcrafted in Hong Kong using the finest 18K gold and diamonds. Our exquisite collection creates a unique and broad range of luxury fine jewelry from made-to-order, timeless classics, to signature pieces reflecting unique individuality. We aspire to empower and give every graceful woman a ‘timeless joy’ as its name suggests.

Catering to different types of woman, Clemence Ellery’s ready to wear comes in three categories; Sans, Communique and Heritage.

In this day and age, with constant change and modernity, Sans comes to play. Inspired by working and ambitious women, sans reflects on simplicity, edge and professionalism. The second category, Communique reflects on the timeless femininity that every woman embodies. It portrays ageless beauty, romance and uniqueness. Heritage, the last out of the three is the quirky little sister. Inspired by fine arts and fashion runway, Heritage embodies a thematic and fashion forward personality with certain peculiarity.

Clemence Ellery also understands the value of personalisation, the beauty of being distinct and one of a kind. Thus, made-to-order pieces are also one of Clemence Ellery’s main focus. From day to day dainty pieces, to one of a kind diamonds, Clemence Ellery cater to those who are looking for daily fashion accessory to one in a lifetime bridal needs.

4’cs of Diamond Quality

Clemence Ellery’s diamonds are all GIA certified. GIA is the first institute to first create the globally accepted standard for describing diamonds, known as the 4Cs; Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight. Combined, the 4Cs describes the quality of a diamond’s value and its rarity

Color- The most gem-quality diamonds is measured through the absence of color. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue, which is rare, and consequently results in a higher value. GIA’s color range starts from D-Z; D being the most colorless to Z diamonds that contains brown or yellow tints.

Cut- A diamond’s cut unleashes its light. It is not the shape of the diamond, but the ability to transmit light and sparkle so intensely. Precise artistry and workmanship are required to fashion a spectacular display proportions, symmetry and polish. A diamond’s cut ranges from Excellent to Poor.

Clarity- A diamond’s clarity is measured by the absence of inclusions and blemishes. Diamonds are a result of carbon exposed to tremendous heat deep under the earth resulting a variety of internal (inclusions) and surface (blemishes) irregularities. The closer the diamond’s clarity to pure, the higher the value.

Carat Weight- Diamond carat weight is the diamond’s apparent size. This is the most obvious component to a diamond. As the bigger the diamond the rarer it is and the the higher the value is. 1carat = 0.2grams.


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